4 December 17:00We Work

Grow! With foreign talent! The right way!

New laws, new rulings, new systems, new opportunities, new talent, new work permit? 

"How do we do it right?!" is something we hear from a lot of great startups. 

You may have heard of skilled workers being deported, or at-risk for issues with their work-permit. Kompetensutvisning puts a load on serious talent and employers alike. We've been working on this for almost two years. 

What do you do when you don't have an entire HR department, are moving fast, and simply want to do it right, and get the work-permit done?

This event uses vetted, legal information, data, and an interactive approach to explain to startup employers: 

  1. What the law is.
  2. How to follow it.
  3. The bottle-necks: what they look like, and how to deal with them.

Learn the law, examples of the best employers, and what it looks like to be a 'serious employer,' as you scale. 

Come join us in this casual, max 30 mins presentation, then it's an Afterwork for innovators (free beer/cider)  :) 

The Presentation will be led by Matt Kriteman, COO of the Diversify Foundation and kompetensutvisning survivor (twice). More speakers are likely and will be announced.

All are welcome.

All you need to know

This is a free event brought to you by Diversify. All are welcome. Donations - also welcome! Swish (i.e. 100kr) to 123-107 27 43

Come to the Regeringsgatan 29 entrance of We Work across from Starbucks. Come up the escalator, and turn left.  and we will check you in. 

Also - free beer and cider on tap.


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